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    FEATURES Crumrine Manufacturing Jewelers




What makes genuine Crumrine® products better?

Crumrine is famous for unique and innovative designs

  • Rich highlights and contrasts
  • Figures that are more distinct, more lifelike
  • A handmade look and feel
  • Deeper engraving and robust detail

Generous use of the finest quality construction materials and craftsmanship

  • Pick up a Crumrine and compare
  • Heavier Jeweler’s Bronze base materials
  • Substantial 3-D high relief appliqués
  • Heavy Silver plating on every two tone item (24k Gold plating available as an upgrade)

Compare these features with other brands...

  • Expensive coining and embossing technology used on every product
  • Unique decorative "anti-scratch" patterns on buckle backs
  • Premium hand-finishing front and back
  • Extra processing steps to ensure jewelry-like finish
  • Unique "anti-tilt" solid loop and oversize stand-off pin on buckle backs
  • No burrs or unfinished edges
  • All Crumrine buckles and jewelry are "Made in the USA"

All Silver electroplating features 99.99% pure Silver, all Gold electroplating features pure 24K Gold

  • Silver and Gold plated items present higher value and increased customer satisfaction
  • Every item produced to the same high quality jewelry industry standards