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    CARE Crumrine Buckles & Jewelry





All products receive a special protective clear coat designed to resist tarnishing. This will help to maintain the jewelry quality appearance of the item for many years to come when subjected to typical "dress" wear.  It is important to understand that highly finished metals can scratch easily and will naturally tarnish over time.

This is especially true of Silver Electroplate and Sterling Silver which will tend to darken slightly with age. To clean your Crumrine product, use only mild soap and water. A good rule of thumb - if you wouldn’t use the soap product on your skin without abnormal results, don’t use it on your Crumrine product. Then use a soft untreated cloth, silver polishing cloth or polishing puff to dry. Sunshine© cloths work very well and are available from Crumrine for a reasonable fee. Circular motions with light pressure over small areas produce the best results.

Naturally, contact with hard or abrasive surfaces like cinder block, barbed wire fences, job site materials, baling wire, bullets, fire, bar fights, etc.,  will scratch or mar any highly finished product. Wear your Crumrine at your own risk when performing these activities! Never use abrasive cleaners, thinners or metal polishing compounds directly on your product as they will damage or remove the protective finish.